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"One of the peak experiences of my life.”
Division General Manager, Avery-Dennison

Although common in today’s workplaces, “teams” are often misunderstood and fall short of expectations. True high performance teams are known for:

• Consistently achieving superior results
• Excellent creativity and problem solving abilities
• Very effective working relationships based on trust
• High levels of enthusiasm and commitment

High Performance Work Teams provides an eye-opening opportunity to experience being a member of such a team. Through an accelerated learning process and skillful coaching, participants progress through all stages of creating a true high performance team. Workshop participants will learn:

• How to build high commitment to team purpose and operating principles
• How to consistently satisfy company, customer, and individual needs
• When and how to use team problem solving and team decision making
• How to manage power and leadership issues
• Ways to give and receive actionable feedback in a team environment
• How to tap into all team members’ potential to achieve excellent team results
• How to apply these concepts in participants’ home organizations

This is not a traditional 8 am-5 pm seminar with lots of lectures and lightweight exercises. It is a demanding, emotionally rich learning environment that requires full-time commitment to making your team successful over the course of the week. You will come away transformed from your experience about what a true team can achieve, what it takes to create such a team, and what you learn about yourself and your impact on those around you.

High Performance Work Teams is designed for anyone who is committed to achieving dramatic improvements in quality, productivity, customer service and employee satisfaction, including:

Support Staff
Black Belts

Team Leaders
Hourly Employees
Green Belts

Staff Professionals
Union Officials

“This training helped us the most in our efforts
to become a self-managing team. It gave us a clear
picture of where we were headed”

Production Operator, Lever Brothers Co.

One of the greatest challenges facing business today is to build organizations that stimulate people to peak performance. The challenge is great, but so are the rewards: satisfied customers, superior business results, and committed, excited employees.

While many textbooks and training seminars promote team-based “success formulas,” they rarely achieve sustained high performance. Triton Synergies not only provides the optimal concepts and methods for achieving high performance results, the Triton synergies team gives its clients practical, working level experience in applying these concepts–experience that often means the difference between long success or failure.

High Performance Work Teams is a fast-paced learning experience led by exceptional coached who teach participants how to fill the roles of contributing team member and leader. Triton Synergies emphasizes individual learning in a team environment where participants are encouraged to try new skills and behaviors to maximize individual learning and team performance. It is a challenging, demanding, and fun week that can change aspects of participants’ work and personal lives.

“One of the few times in my career that I’ve gotten
sincere, useful feedback.”

Vice-President, Rockwell International
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