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Triton Synergies is a consulting firm that combines our twenty two years of large-scale culture change experience with expert knowledge of technical process improvement methods. We obtain synergy by taking the major ideas and methods from Lean Thinking and Six Sigma, and applying them in an environment of high commitment and involvement. We are convinced that to sustain competitiveness in today's world, both technical and culture improvement must be planned together. Failure to take this systems approach introduces significant waste that often shows up as errors, lost sales, increased costs, frustration, and resistance to change.

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Lean*SixSigmaSM applies the principles and tools from Lean Thinking and Six Sigma to dramatically reduce process variation and other forms of waste. Lean and Six Sigma offer potentially essential pieces of a technical improvement game plan.

Characteristics of Lean*SixSigmaSM as we’ve defined it:

Lean Thinking: Six Sigma:
  • Focuses on elimination of waste (including from work methods, layout, transportation, inventory/scheduling, and synchronization of process steps)
  • Identifies the value stream for each product and seeks to make value flow without interruption
  • Substantially shortens the time line between customer order and product shipment
  • Results in producing exactly what is needed, when it is needed, with the minimum amount of materials, equipment, labor and space
  • Focuses on defect prevention through the use of statistical tools (rather than defect detection through inspection)
  • Moves the paradigm from “quality is free” to “quality increases profits and maximizes value to the customer”
  • Is applicable to any process, not just those involving physical products/materials
  • Stresses continuous improvement of processes
  • Focuses on the “vital few” factors that will contribute the greatest savings

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