We help organizations increase profit and quality
by improving the performance of leaders and processes
Since 1981, Triton Synergies has been helping some of America's biggest and best companies "get more with less" by
  • Removing variation and other sources of waste from their technical processes
  • Transforming their organizational culture
  • Dramatically increasing operating results
  • Building the capabilities required to compete in today's worldwide market

Your company, like many others, is probably encountering a rapidly changing business environment that includes one or more of the following challenges:

  • An intense pressure to lower delivered costs
  • A need to adapt to ever-changing customer needs
  • A need to consolidate and restructure the organization
  • The necessity of competing effectively in a global market

The bottom line for you is to achieve better results with fewer resources.


Every member of our team has previously held line and staff assignments in both the plant and corporate environment. We are uniquely positioned to apply real-world experience to the design and implementation of your organizational change.

Rather than assisting you with narrowly focused, individual aspects of organizational effectiveness, Triton Synergies emphasizes a "total systems" approach -- integrating all relevant aspects of your organization in the creation of a high performance organization. Through this approach, we will help you develop a continuously improving, adaptable organization that addresses the needs of your company, its customers and its organization members.

Our total systems approach, along with our unique participative design process, combine to create a high performance system. Through the years, we have helped clients achieve productivity gains ranging from 20%, to well over 50%. Whether you are an established company in crisis, or a start-up organization that wants to "do it right the first time," Triton Synergies can be a crucial contributor to your success.

For more information contact us at (770) 631-1023 or e-mail us at customerservice@tritonsynergies.com
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